AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Schedule for Year 2018

AWS CWI Training Schedule/Calendar 2018

AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Schedule for the Year 2018

Next AWS CWI Seminar Schedule in India 2018

Sr. No. Site Code Month Seminar Dates Exam Date City
1 IN18218 January 3rd Jan to 9th Jan 10th January Chennai
2 IN18318 January 17th Jan to 23rd Jan 24th January Delhi
3 IN18418 February 5th Feb to 11th Feb 12th February Mumbai
4 NG45618 February 9th Feb to 14th Feb 15th February Warri, Nigeria
5 IN18518 February 19th Feb to 25th Feb 27th February Cochin
6 IN18618 March 4th March to 10th March 11th March Ahmedabad
7 IN60818 March 15th March to 21th March 22nd March Coimbatore
8 IN60718 March- April 27th March to 2nd April 3rd April Chennai
9 IN18718 April 4th April to 10th April 11th April Delhi
10 NG60918 April 22nd April to 27th April 28th April Warri, Nigeria
11 IN63618 May 1st May to 7th May 8th May Cochin
12 IN18818 May 9th May to 15th May 16th May Mumbai
13 IN18918 June 1st June to 7th June 8th June Chennai
14 IN19018 June 16th June to 22nd June 23rd June Ahmedabad
15 IN19118 June 29th June to 5th July 6th July Cochin
16 IN19218 July 15th July to 21st July 22nd July Delhi
17 IN19318 August 6th August to 12th August 13th August Chennai
18 IN19418 August 18th August to 24th August 25th August Mumbai
19 IN19518 September 4th Sept to 10th Sept 11th Sept Ahmedabad
20 IN19618 October 3rd Oct to 9th Oct 10th October Chennai
21 IN66818 October 10th Oct to 16th Oct 17th October Delhi
22 IN19718 October 22nd Oct to 29th Oct 31st October Cochin
23 IN19818 November 12th Nov to 18th Nov 19th November Mumbai
24 NG68718 November 20th Nov to 25th Nov 26th November Lagos,Nigeria
25 IN19918 December 3rd Dec to 9th Dec 10th December Ahmedabad
26 IN68818 December 15th Dec to 21th Dec 22th December Pondicherry

Eurotech Announced AWS CWI Training Schedule/Calendar in India 2018We are glad to inform you that Eurotech has announced its AWS CWI 6 Days Training and 1 Day Exam schedule for 2018. We are going to organize our new courses of AWS-CWI Certified Welding Inspector for Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad India.

So anyone who wants to become an AWS approved CWI Certified welding Inspector can join our AWS CWI Seminar and get this prestigious certification and leads to greater heights in his career.

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Interested Candidates Can Feel Free write or call Us for More InformationPuneet Sharma | Call : 08196980555 | E-Mail |Eurotech ACS Pvt. Ltd
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