Welding inspector performs visual inspections

A welding inspector performs visual inspections without and tests on welded steel pieces to be used in the construction of, bridges , buildings structures. They must be able to notice possible welding defects, use measuring instruments, and inspect any repairs to faulty welds.

Places of employment for a certified welding inspector include civil or structural engineering , manufacturing, construction companies, engineering consultancy, and government regulating agencies. A CWI (certified welding inspector) may also work as a independent consultant and on contract. They perform inspections on-location at construction sites or in manufacturing plants.

Certification for certified welding inspectors is conducted by the American Welding Society ,The program includes hands-on experience achieved by working with a senior certified welding inspector, classes, and workshops in standard of welding , codes , symbols, welding processes, visual inspection. Eurotech courses and seminars for the certification exam are offered are giving an exhaustive workshops simulated time bound workshop giving experiencing field pressure , time management

Skills Required:

A certified welding inspector needs to have good skills like , communication and problem-solving ,decision making . Certified welding inspectors should also be skilled at reading blueprints and recognizing and understanding a wide variety of welding techniques.

Career and Economic Outlook

According to the http://india.gov.in/topics/labour-employment Statistics the expected job growth for all building and construction inspectors will be 12% from 2014-2015, with those who are certified, such as certified welding inspectors, having the huge career opportunities. They may have the best chances to find employment in cities and urban areas where the construction of buildings and bridges is more common than in suburban and rural areas.

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