What is certified Welding ?

Every attention players like to welcome AWS CWI Welding Sessions provided By Eurotech. This is gonna be a presentation by Puneet Sharma whose registered engineer structural detailer CWI Certified Certified  Welding Inspector so despite all three of those bad things i purge presentation before its very informative comes from the care Carolina are understand work down the east coast so with that chased him around talk today about what will the Certified welding inspector looks for what some paper work. we need to do already WPS is and to just get your attention show up question-answer session later on and . we have reason to leave the room quickly sex back there without further appreciate and we're going to keep this wireless mic here in case I'm is any questions because we are recording the presentation is sometimes difficult when you ask a question this direction they're not be able to hear so you have any questions at any time during the presentation please raise your hand on the kitchen is Mike I arm so I guess this is a can copy back your presentation I did back in October I'm sorry okay every American arm this about how to make the world Certified welding  inspector happy usually all comes down to is paperwork you're going to be inundated with paperwork going now yes there's also testing and quiet they have good well sow wells good procedures we're going to split this presentation kind in two parts the first part is about the paperwork that you have to provide the Certified  welding  inspector and the second part is a little bit about the few production stuff that you have to look out for there's three main topics about paperwork that you're going to have to provide remember this is all on jobs are governed by a WS if the engineer specifies II a different spec some these things may or may not apply the first main thing is a welding procedure specification EEPs above all this is a written welding procedure specification ever get.

 If something comes uses why have a well procedure but it's not written it doesn't count all the shops any welding production that you have either in the shower in the field has been governed by written well procedure and we have several different examples of what I read welding procedure is also is a performance qualification market this is the actual recorded values of a person doing the wealthy the qualify the procedure or to qualify himself and then after that with the welding performers qualifications for the individual wilder what positions he's qualified under get the first thing I thought there is a welding procedure specification hows and the infinite wisdom decide they're going to create their own welding specification that you can purchase for them at a nominal fee and then you are I'll licensees like site lessons in places around the room like your license to use the standard written well procedures either in the shopper in the field the kind to come back on this is you have to use their amperage their  vote is there well pass he requirements you sir I maybe not every speech as well as I do

yes sir
if a Certified welding  inspector ask for you will have procedures are those welding procedures good enough for the world Certified  welding  inspector or do they are they only their to be written offer that information no good question a yacht if a job requires written welding procedure specifications to be provided yes this can be you so long as your company has purchased the site license but yes these can be used that's what their intentions their intention is during easy is me well in person standard welding procedures for my WSR not prequalified that's a that's a different note that said everything will not talk about his ittle different

yes sir

if you go in three pages into standard you're gonna see a small section where the engineer actually has to sign off on it and accept responsibility for that document so without it being signed it's still not a valid WPS so go ahead and read the details will sign and that's gonna be the case on in houston won procedure or even one that you qualify by testing you have the similar to the issue for approval most of the most engineers. I am an engineer most the room have no clue what they're looking at when he goes to welding procedure charters I P e's in the room but iraq a notable digit you are too low if your past and is right they're gonna defer to serve.  Certified welding  inspector or an expert in the field be issued you have to submit these in for his approval before the job now again this is with the code says you need to do where this actually gets done down feel. I understand it this requiring me it's the my little bit next thing we talk about is inside the world in procedure specification is a pre-qualified only PS one method you can do to get a written procedure is you purchase it from a double yes next one is you get the CWI or someone qualified to represent used to write one for you there's not qualify by testing and he gets a piece a paper sharpened pencil and he writes down through experience or education different requires a national letter diameter concurrent you need to use are filled past thicknesses and you can now is it because you look at the Cobourg under an excuse to give you a list of all the requirements have to be listed on the prequalify well procedure

oK now interesting enough this doesn't necessarily have to get approved by the Engineer a pre-qualified doesn't now there's little missile upside down is AW as proof rising Stanwell procedure and they have dozens the company's backing up on providing qualification record test even review by dozens and dozens of people yet it still has to be reviewed by an engineer with the prequalify written by one guy you don't have to your approved by an engineer a symbol but upside down. me with that is kinda with the co presents arm the next typeof welding ring while the proceeds rehab is one qualified by testing.

That is not safe you purchase a site license I want these Stanwell procedures and does exactly match would you cuddle with in your shop we don't have a CD will hire another welding engineer caused by the can write a pre qualify well procedure for your own or you're just doing I'm non-standard pre qualify connection or a weird application you can qualify role procedure and there are several different types tested you have to do but you coming with you know every single test place you on your groove the penny what position you run your welding Iran where stick welding there in years inspecting hymns in cuts coupons he can bend omitted even changing places around here too but yes final scene these coupons before and if your qualifying a procedure you have to get your ex reader UT and you also go through what's a tension test people called his dog bone the cut this out if your plea and in the mill to certain shape and polish and poppin you have to check the types affair years ago as to where it fails asking passes around these are low shot please be careful UK and other requirements if you doing a call  testing row after you run your be the year I CD we are willing as he has to make sure passes a visual test %uh s acres X-ray to UT and then depending upon its thickness or your position will depend if they have to go through a side band or overhead bin worse I decide on a router face Penn and we talk about the reduce section dogbone also in some applications you have to do uncertain macro edge yes sir yes on the standard one procedure what is your personal opinion rooms as with their fatness by personal pay they they're pretty effective but you're limited you have to use their parameters and if you're comfortable with it I'm pretty good with the stairwell pretty even used by whenever fabricators arm.

 if you not succumb to your more than welcome have some ready pre-qualify order by testing is are you have a little bit on uncertain even okay one thing also you know is that aws as far as I know does not produce a stairwell procedure from a quelle I'll group that's a big hole gay you get some perspective some for stainless undersea the sheet metal box score but not new dwelling yeah aren't I'm sorry yeah ABS runaways peach orchards yes ma'am with me run my a just when want anyone to work with Nikki you can't do a solid wire in structural can certainly test for and even to short-circuit in tests for are that is to you can do it pre I your pre qualify for wire welding or probably testing morally except the East short circuit is now pre-qualify process that's right but you can still tell us more in still use that the use of taser use to use on the show how many years do a short circuit miquelle a prior to my yessir you're using some short-circuited procedure made US's only good for building the  the  absolutely you want think they can use it that's after actually absolutely correct you make sure any stay will proceed you buy from a dubious.

it is D  but they also sell some tea Stanwell procedures or some aluminum or stainless well parade there is no stain will procedure by US as far as I know for seismic or arms ID breed you have to do a pre-qualified or qualify by testing on your own aren't the same I have any questions about three types a written well procedures national what prettier what position you're qualified for your procedure we're just talking about the procedure not the individual welder kind if you have a a weather run his test plate and he runs it any vertical and then it goes to your side bends or face bans X-ray your procedure is qualified for vertical wells and vertical wells only going or if you run the horrors on your partner for flat horizontal little confusion here is this chart differs a little bit for the individual well their qualifications going national talk about the PQR this is the actual recorded values while you're trying to qualify your procedure this is if you do not qualify by testing procedure or like with the standard well procedures a dubious already ran multiple multiple WV your pick yours on them and this you have to have at least one PQ or procedure coffee is ready for every well procedure that you run some applications require at least two and there's some essential variables that are tied into nears chart pretty to chart in the welding code this is if your procedures written in a certain manner you have a certain temperature certain voltage or certain wire diameter or stick there you can use you can use this procedure so long as you stay within customize  percent awesome I sneeze manage there are certain allowances they give you said you can still use this procedure if you fall outside of that let's say you're under  votes but you wanna run it like  volts you've gone outside of the procedure you have the required by the procedure guy and the welder through the procedure gang now is on the pre and PQR this the actual written record includes some much browner's shielding gases some other items Nexus are welding performs qualification.

This is the actual recorded values %uh the welder as he's trying to qualify towards a procedure now I know we're talking about a lot of paperwork fun around here because every file it so far the procedures a piece a paper sit in a filing cabinet somewhere in the office guy or hopefully is does no doubt by the will miss you too readily available to the welders that qualifies the company to do this procedure that process that position the World Imports qualifications the actual conveys the welder try to qualify to that procedure and on that also you have to pass a visual test face rubin's my crotch and here we're talking about the difference between a qualified welder and a certified welder the language in the code is a little confused gang if me you have some others go through like a junior college or technical schooling to get outta school they do how much a test in the mall diploma and a lot of times these vocational schools it a header certify welders they're not near qualified has a very specific me know if you look throughout the code.

They use the term qualified you have to do a bunch a qualification tests with certification is is the piece a paper that is signed off by rkane your contractor fabricator or that the CW I does the test guy here's another big question is let's say I'm of working for fabricator and I get a wealthy person are serve occasion without that were on that fabric here I'll leave that time here and come to another one in a hey I got papers on certified is not is not certified for his old employer anymore he may be qualified to well but the paper certification is only good for his employer so if you hire a welder who is certified with the different employer and he goes to a new employer you russians not cash I encourage all please I'm right doesn't the code allow one engineer to accept from another area and of course there's a to the US has portable certifications well

I'll bring it up short yeah and actually in almost all cases the record can can have except any certification lace and most injuries I run across probably won't cause I'm not sure what the looking at by which and overdue certifications either with the fam here now if you go a.w.s has a program that you become a certified welder you go to a a.w.s accredited test facility gang and you do what you want is for them to get alarmed a car which picture on it and has the world procedure in or that you tested and were qualified and certified to now that card can go with you and you can answer your certified welder and you can certify for yourself you can go to a fabricator contractor and he can accept that as certification so long as you're still using the same well procedure now fabricator has a different Welding procedure you may have to use require finding fabricators parameters that makes sense so far look.

if using gain it should be made a lot simpler  next time I went well the performance qualification the individual welder walls in certain positions member this is different then the procedure if the welds in like a flat rg position and he passes he may be qualified in the flat vertical and horizontal positions and most of you guys you wanna welding like all thicknesses oppositions gonna run again g/g test not acquire you value for most oppositions are sometimes people run six-g_ your -yard run you one test and also with the welding performance qualification a very a big important thing in order to remain certified you have to make sure that you maintain continuity welding on that process for no more the last six months a good way to ensure that is to keep a continuity report guy now is a big thing is a surefire actors whose effectiveness has lapsed their certification expires not the qualifications but the piece a paper that has lapsed now to help avoid this you really should have a continuity record for all the welders throughout.

All the jobs they work on going that is the first half we talk about allow the paperwork that is required they may have any questions so far about that we have the three times while procedure saying what procedure prequalified and it just says a cot new report and there's no really format given what times a day vs in the back in the cold use you suggested forms for their paperwork not really a for more for Africa report but they're just looking at this wilder's well with this process price every job that he uses you write down who use this process over these dates so it is not a gap of more than six months Road yes all me that's right almost often if there's a six-month lapses not six months day its four years five years.

I mean it usually live alone and you have a guy go through qualify his record procedure again recertified but and if you look throughout the code to use his qualification everywhere they don't use the word certification so my cause a little bit confusion every text the next few times I wanna talk about are you know some survey attack was roof deck Joyce and first thing what up as a certified tech whether yes there is such a thing as a certified check welder and yes your failures in the shop a required to be one now if you're qualify wilder arm so if you're certify wilder in certain positions you already take care attack while this is just use the free fit up guys guy this must be world according to a written well the procedure is a little a little dicey on the shammy people have certified tacklers if you're going well apply to MoMA can actually go attack weld the backing bar if you don't have a tack weld on the inside were incorporated into the weld you have to make sure that the tack weld passes a visual test before you run your room and you have to be very careful that you may be required to remove your tack welds by the Engineer was engineered by more quiet but is language in the co it may be required to remove your track well now if you're incorporating the tackles it's your final weld has to make sure that it's going to the same procedure that you going to use for that final well

If you have a a complete joint preparation well procedure you tack weld has to make sure he follows is electrical parameters that Roger wire to become a certified track while there it's a real technical complicated test you take this was is exactly the size the steelies go happens plates the world two-inch long biko ritual you put her up so I don't like this and hit with BS amor that's the technical term big ass am if you look at the world breaking the guy can evaluate it the see if it passes or not and also with the survey technology certified in that position only how are things I wanna make sure we talk about.

if you're laying off the sieve plate down and you tack welding it that's a horizontal position that is not flat every fine with that if I run that will be right there that is a horizontal position if I run it like that that is flat see the difference sir it on to the face the well so certified tak weather is only certified in the position in which the test next to talk about welding roof and floor deck is used to be a whole lot simpler than it is right now by I gave a similar presentation to this back in October and harm the type Suraj Kumar that you can use as a lot easier but I folk written some other companies in their infinite wisdom back in October decide to change why the great detective using you know they think well hey whilst making a little bit stronger I'm either Dec a little higher great city can span a little bit further have a little bit hard design values think that's great except now pay make the welding requirements have to match guy and one thing I want to be brought to we are governed by D . here says that when your welding Dec to anything that is larger or something sicker than a quarter-inch the rides have to be low hydrogen guy no talk a little bit more about this large in a little bit also when you welding roof and flow at  Dec reform that you have have guess what a written who hold procedure this is not the same as a well procedure when you on clip angle to shoot adds anything by D .this is a different well procedure again you can get a stairwell procedure from a double yes personal nominal fee or pre-qualify one written by CWI or one qualified by testing our next also the welder when he does his little while testing qualify well test he is qualified in the thickness the number of lies in the coding that he tested on on yet the justice so I wanna well to  gauge galvanized I got a weld one ply a  gauge galvanized to ply Nov  is galvanized

I wonder what the eighteen I gotta run want like to buy wreath revised you want I'm not qualified excuse me I'm not certified to weld to painted I have to do  gauge painted two plies a -gauge Benedict and then paid to  gang and also you have to run to East s so it gets a little bit a little bit hairy in so it's like I wanna run into half be galvanized roof deck I have to make sure that I run a single ply  gauge galvanized a double ply his demise do both twice and again this test is real complicated you turned over on the side here with a big ass hammer you look at the noggin make sure the Darren I can you get that fusion a later think I next thing we talked a little bit about what we mean or about low hydrogen rise I actual per spot on here arm I if you're doing stick welding any prefix that ends with a  yr  is low hydrogen anything other than  is not low hydrogen so how many here uses like  tens when you're on deck down sixty twenty-two's that is not a low hydrogen rock art do you ever well-known roof joists the top was a router is  great steel require large regardless.

If the thickness so because it's got a little hairy a little colicky I recommend use low hydrogen always because I don't know how often you gonna run a crossed will hydrogen % rise arm also you have to be careful if you qualify for you certify on a welding replica  not necessary qualified to run on a low hydrogen at the console may be seen you I exactly what Roger allowed to use in which in a on will also when we talk about low hygiene riser something very specific about electrode storage now the code is pretty clear on how much people found this when you take a maglis you continue we'll has your eyes must be kept sealed suzhou cracked that seal catalonia guy and anytime that they're exposed depending on the quality the right thing up to nine hours if they're if they're expose for up to nine hours you have to put them back in the oven now I want to make sure this call holding up in we're not baking about  to  degrees F hole four hours before you can use it again  times Gaza crackin Super Cup arise in your pocket the well with it they they come back to three hours later they have to put his rods in the Alvin for four hours before they can use time now if it's out expose that was here for more than nine hours you have to bake no baking depending on the color quality rod quite place occasion the rod can be anywhere from no five hundred  degrees for hours to our zip lookup the code the actually have to bake them it pretty high temperature and you can only repeat once gang there so I know a lot of guys get set  the rods thrown on the ground using all day on the job was shoved in the back to the truck use in tomorrow and the use in next week they're not low hydrogen rides.

 Anymore hey I and here's all try to meet up because the the requirements wiling to rue from florida you've got a little bit confusing on how many guys up their use you know what one easy painter galvanize reflect doesn't happen all that often but if you use a one easy all thicknesses required to be in E eighty rod K not only e has to be low hydrogen not only low hydrogen that last little X there requires a certain low alloy additive to it Gary well that's not too hot not too hot not to people use one easy let's talk about maybe if we use it in half  gauge Kft you some well washes but you still need to use eighty low hydrogen low alloy rocks K has fallen a now thankfully most into have roof deck  gauge you to use your e re seventy remember low hydrogen now if your welding a roof deck like apparently that's all quarter inch or less you don't have to use low hydrogen Raj but then you on your foot over well at the top your joist or top of a steel beam you are required to be low hydrogen case alien miles issues a hydrogen all the time now we get down to some non composite Florida this is where it gets a little bit tricky you do that all nine sixteens companies are all fall craft class occasions but your seem see or hear are new Malema pretty similar to this like a and I sixties feature-rich / kind of form Dec again require and E eighty low hydrogen low alloy rod gang and also if you get it like it to happen for gauging YZ  so Annika bank about Florida you should be there with a Caray  you will have to deride

The big thing I want to make sure we stroll strongly point out is that the low hydrogen for all the profile that and e low iron rod for all smaller not com form form Dec gang a bike I guess pre understand what's going on with the Charter good questions are Asian manufactured okay great what the manufactured tells you like book if you go on a deck with the tell you what grade is still use a  a great seer greedy okay there's only tell you with me know your strength forty fifty or sixty kasi the Unity . this is if you use it a great so you need to follow those problems okay so a lot of times.

I got Georgia Tech my fragile the for dinner the . Going user yes if you guys have a packet is the one thing I got this track either we had was printed some months ago and like I said if they just change the grade of steel that the use for these two areas right here but more importantly makes you contact your supplier and ask them what grade steel are you providing me when I get some nine sixteens formed that's correct up there any indemnity  UK they set up those were we mentioned before about willing to open web steel joists the top and bottom chords are going to be a great  angle see you required to have a low hi Gerard when you well to them K have a rule of thumb this is wolf on this isn't arm stand all the time but if you just about  inches or less they have these rod petrography webs as a great  of you well to those where'd you can using non lo hi rod if they're using crib thang goals issues a $ for it is a deeper as agree fifty largest in required depending on the spans the manufacturer it may be a little bit different K again the safe use a large in Iran an all joist girders long span joists all the materials low is great if he still has to be low hydrogen Nexus talk about it anchor rod few years ago a aise wanted to distinguish between whatever bolt and Iran was and they've the fine is up bolt describes a steal the steel connection an anchor rod describes a steal the concrete connection so says recent anchor bolt you mean I can write the same thing this is just a word the air-sea make sure the class was correct but what its back here actor rod is now governed by a standard F - three grades available   the ends are the ball to color code this F  great rod Israel sanity old a  threaded rod you guys always use except they have a little bit more controller traceability a grade rod.

if you wanna well to it you gotta make sure you order it with a supplement the is someone s so that you can well the to it and then  pretty much straight months again you can weld if you have a  plate washer you can weld to the plate washer but you cannot well to a standard was F-four  you're watching music companies Agra get well to those low hydrogen or not they're not going to qualify material a lot and you can run across while I garage are using a  really don't recommend welding to them you have a lot of in Broome happen it's possible to do again you should have a written call procedure to do it but it did not gonna get really good weld that you're looking for next also has a threaded rod and this actually came up a few months ago with me a gentleman put in threaded rod for his anchor rods and that is not allow at any time anywhere thanks repin and the difference is how they're manufactured an anchor are governed by F-fifteen starts its life of is a nice smooth ride and any cut threads a threaded rod starts off with a little bit diameter and the press the threads in when the press the threads in the Chi deform the material little bit so with that truly is less so you can't use threaded rods for acker odds you may be losing in wall anchors another application but not for Ankara and of course you cannot will do these at all thank national that while the rebar this doesn't come yes break thank you I am there you if you have rewritten welding procedure that qualifies you for the material the nuts you can well to the nuts but again you can also defer to the engineer record in asking me.

I wealthy snap does not addresses that's correct the one point one does not adjust material in standard nuts which is I camera the days in Asia but its they don't address the issue on standard not come up with the saccharides when welding on rebar first thing I put this this first I'm appear may not be used as a backing bar yeah we left how I've seen it though how gay you cannot use our whole rebar as a backing bar also you need to use the hydrogen and here's a big thing you think well it's a great sixty Ron rebar I can use e rock when we talk about great sixty for rebar and seventy ride we're not comparing apples to apples were talking about yield and ultimate stresstotally different items you need to use.

Yes sir, I'm sorry it you also have the car becomes Lee issue in the previous you rebar right that's correct I'm sure you do this long for me about china with the carbon quincy isn't it is possible to weld the rebar it is extremely difficult to do right and extremely difficult to get all the paperwork in order you can purchase like with the collectors weldable rebar but that is not an a  great sixty this just your standard form rebar k next is welding over pain no such thing as a world PP no matter what up eight cells in touch okay there is no such thing however you can weld over a thin film rust inhibitors pay but they never give you how many mills are how many thickness as you can well through K area well so will be like them will pay even wealthier is really not too much of an issue but the best to avoid the problem ever coming up as they're not well over pain at all and of course you cannot have any pay within h the complete joy penetration well Jack the same I have any questions about that second here we talked about so the TAC worlders well in the jewish  in the Dec well the rebar you have any questions mister up have to actually cannot world over galvanizing you actually have to pull.

It off okay now I know that's what the code says what actually happens or not making me talk about that a little later a one thing also do you gotta be careful that well then the galvanizing when you hear the county's up it produce a toxic guess you have to make sure as well ventilated and you have the whole clear air flow I'm not want to be around when they're older cuz it it can hurt you free so far but i wanna talk about some things that can make the Certified Welding inspector happy for the conductor job site has got some others okay can I see their wealth certs okay well I might be back in the office the office can factor into your office you have my Walters okay what will proceed you use are no that's also back in the office now that needs to be either readily available to the welder one thing I recommend is actually laminated and stick around the back to the inside or them she gay that way they have anybody who grabs a machine is after he knows what settings use machine what your company is qualified certified to use.

 If you have any Lincoln Middle I like your Miller I machine you can see in the inside the Heather manufacturer recommended parameters and that produce some pretty well but that is not a written Welding  procedure gang next they wanna make sure do is make sure you others are certified the process and the positions that they're allowed to weld if I'm certify world using Flex Core I am NOT they certify whether use and make or stick from certify world in overhead I am NOT surf I do well in five bank and one big things venturi tainting cutlery proof for all your welders they said no more than a six-month gap arm is kinda big thing is make sure you remove all your slacking paint before the inspection happens arm tommy's but happy sometimes you got there you didn't get all the site would ever be in our costumes like inspected this is sky something you should be doing on your own cause water should be inspecting his own wells before Certified  welding  inspector get there anyway inspected the sliced wants me she not the slaying of clean up pretty good don't paint or inspect the pics look at and one final thing.

I want to bring up reading all the job specifications that includes the big fat book job man you know that sometimes come with jobs you know i'm talking about. I have a sample they are particular job there have been a few months ago that I predict very director got hurt on I just want to read a little bit you this was not on the drawings this is not in the contract drawings this reason that product manual and it was buried in there are pretty talk about Dec keeping deck cover in clean protected against dirt rust blah blah blah knowing all that damaged ownership to puncture eyes performed including well the blow holes in Dec from welding doing shipping or action I shelled by  unusable or on certainly shall be replaced at no additional cost to the owner K I'm not done the owners representative shall be the sole judge as to whether metal roof deck must be replaced doing this job before the mail that never arrived director and the owners rep but its about a couple particular I and what you know when it came time to put the roof deck on he was particular about what he want so few well-known roof deck and sometimes you will know you miss the top where the dressing is moving its wild again unsightly mean replace to make it worse is another thing here next page bridging make sure the bridging carry out the desired particular visual I'm just make sure particularly the visual

I'm have the joist enjoys bridging do the structure being open and visible what this owner's representative wanted director to do was to snap choc wines and run string lines to wield his bridge okay this was a real problem because the front of the buildings look to the back and in the side slopes it was a contagion all the bridges on the possible to get straight it matter he wanted it straight so I guess one thing I really need to make sure recommend you read all love your job sex cuz that book that comes with the drawn for the reader not a part of the contract mushy summer school you know very specifically excluded because some were in those just text might be this and that can burn you the ended up coming to compromise it ripped the whole deck of the prior it off just about most alright you guys have any questions all about some things we talked about or any questions are conscious ur up well procedure pride yes actually you can go ahead and submit a written well procedure that you've gone through all the qualifications by testing stuff if you wanna arm world using you turn on the higher odds or something as well it is something that could arrange there is a fabricator nearby where I work who submitted the wealthy - structural steel on some   hours there she went through the whole qualify by testing pencil tests and all that and got that approved however on every job they have to submit that will procedure to the NG or a record to approve it most often they do but yes you can you know supersedes undergarments if you get the engineer to buy off on thank is there any other particular questions yes yes and they went through a lot attesting to get no not anymore now has a several years ago yessir up all I would price in ninety nine percento kay arm this stuff has been in the cold for years arm if willie Certified  welding inspectors are other people on hold you to allow these requirements

They prolly don't know about themselves what was the promise to our heroes HD . they're trying to cover everything and to put that all in one one book they have to cover their bases for everything so if you ever try to find anything particular in the welcome book have a copy door for you to this pack and I refer you to a table now have a sup note that are free to another line there for you to figure and that's all throughout the code I'd love for it to be simple I wouldn't count on it in the future I them and any other particular question

Just sir which who it says right on top well in spring up are you actually have to get the engineer record to approve arm you can if you wanna piss the CWI Welding inspector needed retail where agape up approved by the Engineer ragged it is a procedure and include all the PQ ours and stop the GWS research on if you have in its a in CWI welding inspectors not accepting that is a procedure you have to tread lightly you can submit it and you recognize that allow engineers a record will just defer to this the the world Certified  welding inspector themselves .

Yes yeah a is me I all or have nothing with these purchases russia is as he poses the . That  some twenty-years-old that he's gone by well-coached change quite significant- years up word right-thinking his provide a ruling or so and they've been very helpful if you have a question concerning the code they want you to use their stuff that's why they did it heard will up yes record was okay or they employed by local correct the to meet the individual welder is employed by the by the loader doctor the Chur qualifications record you step I do are yeah I guess how would you interpret jury reached a little bit how would you interpret that if you have a union or are your local supply the well qualification records or certifications to the fabric you to use and went on to is the certified a qualified the the question that you'd I I would accept that as or qualification by would you with yes ma'am yes would you how would you whatever they can before contractors got to produce continuity and the iron workers are their pass books don't always give that to them so what I tell the rector's as it's your job to come up for the continuity on your own where the you take a copy of that passport where the you keep the well the provocation caucasian tests record and you side of the guys are working for you all the time as contractor you really need to be responsible for that continuity non-union it even easier because the guys are with you the you know them you love them and you can start from the day that their test in and make sure that every six months you've written.

It down so my interpretation is the contractors responsible d  lease at one point to that says the contract responsible for well the qualifications and also for PPS is that's the server cation part when you signed the bottom you saying I'm taking responsibility that the EPS I'm also taking responsibility for the qualification my worlders and the continuity that happens a question with okay with it doesn't make the it it's as clear as mud in Asbury he's a a double years has been pretty helpful if you need interpretation from them if you call them up you will get a person on the phone and they be more than happy to help you with a particular code I'm a question you have or particular disagree we have with a Certified  welding  inspector alternately the engineer record pretty much covers it can say you know visa procedures but if have a gator once there well that up there with bubble gum in the engineer signs off on it engineers guys final say good your and that's why say on their is where the cut new report says typically six months especially sometimes feel good you have got two years

Yes sir Okay if you present it may have to be Chi cantons welding on that process one to enter the country report is process Pacific me as if I wilder's Roland wire welding for six months but then to switches over the stick not continuity going well i really appreciate it ivory see all the participation you can have I have some other materials that you were one commander take a look at if you have any questions be more free come on appearance and I appreciate thank you very much Inc

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