Six Step to Become a Certified Welding Inspector

 6 Step to Become a Certified Welding Inspector

 6 Step to Become a Certified Welding Inspector

The art of welding involves joining two metals using heat, & demand specialized training & skills. Welding, an integral part of our lives, can be seen in so many items we use every day -- computers & cars, for example. Certified welding inspector verify that welders adhere to strict guidelines & safety rules that keep both the welder & the end user safe. The AWS (American Welding Society) offers the only (CWI) certified welding inspector certification. The path to becoming a CWI certified welding inspector follows six steps.

Step 1

Send in your  application form CWI. candidate must mail the form, found on the American Welding Society AWS website or Eurotech AWS Agent Website , Minimum six weeks prior to taking the examination. The application fee of $900 for American Welding Society members  $1,065 for non-members must be included with application. The application also requires applicants to Take a code test subject, which is the category of welding they plan to specialize in for inspections.

Step 2

Select your AWS CWI exam site. On the application, Candidate should Mark their 1st, 2nd &  3rd preferred for exam locations. Eurotech gives the exams throughout the year at cities around the country. After confirming the exam website through AWS, Candidates can then make travel and hotel arrangements.

Step 3

Complete Qualification & work experience requirement. The number of years requirements working as a welder depends on the level of Qualification completed. possibility welding inspectors who hold an associate degree or higher need 3 years' experience, a senior high school education requires 5 years, at least an 8th-grade education requirements 9 years and anything below 8th grade requirements 12 years of work experience.

Step 4

Complete Welding Inspector Training Course. Though not a requirement, Welding Inspector Training course helps prepare welders to pass the AWS CWI exam. Vocational, technical & welding schools Conduct Welding Inspector classes that help prepare students to take the AWS CWI certified welding inspector exam. AWS offers 6 days Training seminars that help prepare candidates for the exam, & One day exam. CWI Training classes cover topics code enforcing , application of documents guiding welding Inspection & qualification, free from danger welding practices, inspection documentation  &  destructive testing. CWI Training classes also typically include a hands-on portion that allows Candidates to use inspection tools.

Step 5

Pass the AWS CWI certified welding inspector exam & a vision test. The exam consists of 3 parts, Part  A, Part  B, Part  C, & candidates must receive a grade of 72% . Welding inspectors must pass initial vision test to earn AWS certification, & must also pass a vision test each time they renew. The test consists of 3 - 2 -hour portions, with 150-Questions fundamentals of welding inspection section, a practical application section where test takers perform hands-on inspections & an open-book code application test. Welding inspectors should well-known with all the topics covered in the CWI training classes to pass the exam.

Step 6

Renew your certification After 3 years. American Welding Society requires that all CWI certified welding inspectors submit a notarized renewal application & the renewal fee of $445 for American Welding Society members or $660 for nonmembers. American Welding Society does not require renewals to take any tests

Tips For Becoming certified Welding inspector

Becoming certified Welding inspector as a welding inspector is not mandatory to work in the field, but does make an inspector more marketable to potential representative.
American Welding Society Conduct certified associate welding inspector certification for welding inspectors who wish to gain additional experience before attempting the welding inspector certification proceeding. A certified associate works with a CWI inspector for 3 years, studying the knowledge skills to pass the CWI certified Welding inspector exam. Certified associate welding inspectors Study about code application, inspection terminology & visual inspection, get a chance to work hands-on with welding inspection tools, under the recommendations of a CWI certified Welding inspector.

If you are interested to attend our AWS CWI program, you can write or call me to assist you.

Thanks & Regards,
Puneet Sharma
Eurotech ACS Pvt. Ltd.


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  2. If you want to become a certified welding inspector you should undergone through some welding training and seminars as it is a high-performance technology and it requires full complete knowledge of welding and New Robot Integration tools to perform this high risky job.

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  4. We carry out the qualification of Brazing operator qualification test in UAE to achieve their goals in meeting industry standards.Welder test in UAE

  5. When it comes to welding School in USA and metalworking, there are certain credentials that are required in order to be a successful technician.
    One of these credentials is the AWS welding certification. AWS welding certification is a program that was created by the American Welding Society
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