Monday, 25 May 2015



Dear Welding Professionals,

We are delighted to inform you that Eurotech one of the leading welding training providers in India has announce its training schedule of AWS-CWI for Ahmedabad, 2015. We at Eurotech provide 6 days Training and 1 day Exam of AWS-CWI in India.

You can register for the course on Eurotech website 

Click Here To Register AWS CWI Certified welding inspector AHMEDABAD JULY 2015
Click Here To Register  AWS CWI Certified welding inspector AHMEDABAD SEPT 2015
Click Here To Register  AWS CWI Certified welding inspector AHMEDABAD  DEC  2015

You can also write or call us to assist on the below email id and contact no.

 Puneet Sharma | Call : 08196980555 |  E-Mail : 

Q:-The welder has increased electrode stick out length of the SAW set, what would be the effect on the weld

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

AWS CWI Training Course in Coimbatore

AWS CWI Training seminar In Coimbatore May 2015
AWS CWI Training seminar In Coimbatore May 2015

Dear All Welding Engineers we wish to inform you that your Best chance to Become a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), Eurotech organizing 6 Day AWS CWI Training Seminar In Coimbatore 

Location: Coimbatore, India 

Start Date: May 25, 2015 
End Date: May 31, 2015 

Interested Candidates Can Contact Us:  Puneet Sharma | Call : 08196980555 | E-Mail : 
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Q:- One the advantages of ultrasonic inspection in relation to radiographic testing to

  • Access is generally only required from one side (surface)of the component being tested 
  • The designated work area must be closed off by barriers, therefore safety is increased 
  • This materials can be easily examined 
  • A permanent image of the defect can be obtained

Friday, 8 May 2015

Q:- For the structure termed martensitic to form in a c-mn steel it must first be heated to just below a critical temperature and rapidly cooled

  • Just below its lower critical temperature and rapidly cooled 
  • A maximum temperature of 550*C then rapidly cooled 
  • Above its upper critical temperature and slowly furnace cooled 
  • A full transformation to austenite then rapidly cooled

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Q:- Why is it essential to clean the surrounding parent metal adjacent to the weld metal made by MMA(SMAW)which is to be ultrasonically tested?

  • Sound waves will not travel though paint 
  • Remove any rust 
  • The spatter will impede the contact of the probe and the parent material surface 
  • Spatter will reflect the back will echo signal and give spurious indications

Q:- Clustered porosity found internally in the body other open cf an MMA welding is usually associated with

  • Poor inter pass cleaning 
  • The open circuit current being too high 
  • Poor stop/start technique or damp electrode coating 
  • Low open circuit voltage

Monday, 4 May 2015

Q:- You find out that contractor have carried out RT as the 10% contractual percentage required by the specification code. The specification also insists that an additional 2 weld, radiographed for every weld that is failed. One of the pipe's spools had an au acceptable defect which the contractor has ignored and radiographed another weld in its place which is acceptable, what would be your course of action be?

  1. As long as the other radiograph butt weld is acceptable it's ok, as the 10% condition percentage required by the specification code has been satisfied
  2. This is usual practice as 10% NDT is really not important
  3. Review the original failed weld and insist they have the additional 2 welds radiographed
  4. Review the original have it failed weld and repaired , radiographed , then I would insist that they have an additional 2 weld radiographed

Friday, 1 May 2015

Q:- Some codes require the excess weld metal (weld cap) on cross weld joint tensile specimens to be flush ground, this is because:

  • Flushed caps will always break in the weld metal area 
  • This is to remove any porosity in the excess weld metal (weld cap) 
  • It is easier to calculate the cross section areas of the joint when fused 
  • Flushed caps have fuser stress raisers and therefore give a more aqua rate result